Bronson 40S USN Barracks Duffle Moving Bag
In the early days of World War II, BARRACKS BAG was widely distributed to the army and navy. This bag is used for personal clothing and uniform. The quantity is two, and it will be marked with the capital "A"...
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Bronson WWI US Army Canvas Vegetable Tanned Leather Postage Messenger Bag
The U.S. Army Bag of World War I is the prototype of the postman style, medium-sized, Italian imported 4MM thick vegetable tanned cattle leather as the cover and strap part, encrypted double yarn 18 oz twill for the large body,...
$189.99 $149.99
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Non Stock US Army Air Forces Leather Flight Pilot Flyers Helmet Bag
World War II USAF helmet pack prototype, equipped with sloping straps, integrated into daily life Size:Width 39CM   Depth 37.5CM        It can be loaded into a 14-inch laptop      
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Bronson 40S USPS US Mail Original Fabric Canvas Postal Carrier Messenger Bag
40S postman style, the main material is specially customized to encrypt 18-ang twill double-yarn cotton cloth, slightly waxed WAX coating, original embryo color setting, with primary color vegetable tanned leather (Italian leather), to create a rough rugged feeling, strong and...
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