Bronson 1943 US Army HBT Duck Hunter Camo Shorts
In early 1943, the US Army began using a two-piece (jacket and trousers) herringbone twill (HBT) camouflage uniform based on M1942 uniform.When Normandy landed, it was equipped with the Second Armored Division and the Army in the Pacific theater at...
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Bronson WW2 1940's US Navy USN Deck 10.5OZ Denim Dungaree Shorts
World War II United States Navy deck working pants, until the end of World War II served for quite a long time, there are bell bottoms and straight pants two kinds, side shares have not broken, broad trousers are its...
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Bronson 1956 US Army Khaki Uniform Shorts
1955 US ARMY shorts. Uniform belongs to summer, which has been used until the cold war. Its characteristics are the pleats and darts of civil casual trousers, which make it easy and appropriate to modify buttocks and widen the leg...
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Bronson 40'S WWII 12OZ Original Fabric USN HBT Deck Worker's Fatigue Shorts
40's deck work pants, beige herringbone pattern, 12oz thick.Because it is a raw fabric, there are cottonseed particles on the surface.The first year of ultra-high waist loose straight cut, using pure cotton thread sewing, has washed , will not shrink....
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