Bronson 1930's US Army CCC Dungaree Men's Loose Straight Work Overalls Jeans
1930s in jeans, as used during labor, the Civilian Conservation Corps (Civilian Conservation Corps) is widely used and dispensed, denim shirt sleeve head and round edge cowboy hat is composed of labor suit, cowboy clothing is very rare vintage uniforms....
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Bronson LOT910 1910S 12.5OZ Unwash Selvage Dimin Jeans
1910'S old age WAIST-OVERALL, using 12oz red tannin cloth, indigo dyeing, more shallow than the common deep blue, special pearl yarn makes the cloth face a unique simple sense of the old age, the new development of the old age...
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Bronson Men's Selvage Denim 801XX Heavy Red Ear Tannin Jeans
801XX, using medium and high grade Pakistan cotton yarn, old style woven short ear red jeans, a strong sense of hairiness. It is made of Japanese shire cotton thread, matching with the dog's exclusive brass buckle and red copper nail....
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Bronson Lot 877 Nevada Gold Rush Baggy Single Bag Unbleached White Ear Tannin Denim Jeans
The prototype from 1877-1890 (Levis BOSS OF during the rivet patent) THE ROAD single bag overalls, one patent 1877 acquisition of placket set, then tit for tat Levis file rivet reinforced patent, is one of the main competitors of the...
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Bronson 1881 One Piece Fly Model Stripe Herringbone Men's Waist Wide Leg Relaxed Jeans
Wide wide leg pants of old age, the 1887 one placket set, exclusive fabric, cotton sewing, trousers ear and waist button, storage, belt, or suspenders with collocation. Not wash water, the whole process of fabric, shrinkage at around 5%.  ...
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  • Herringbone
  • Stripe
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Bronson 10OZ US Army M40 Denim Dungaree Jeans Pants
US ARMY second generation work pants were still made from blue twill tannins. In 1940, the army blue tannin uniform was completely replaced with the full implementation of the 1941 HBT character lines. The actual service period was very short,...
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Bronson Men's USN US Navy 1917 1ST Deck Tannin Denim Worker's Jeans
Early 1917 USN Denim Work-PantsLittle-known early USN work clothes, even in magazines, are few items.This first-generation USN tannin pants continue the characteristics of Continental labor pants: V-shaped split at the back and adjusting Paris buckle.Instead of being as standardized as...
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Bronson 44801 WWII Simplified Type Men's Primary Colors Red Line Denim Jeans
The use of 13.75oz red ear denim, white ear, indigo dye, dark blue to light than usual, with wars temperament, Nissan YKK laurel new domestic copper nail collocation, the Japanese manufacturer "county is" pure cotton sewing, together with the cloth...
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Bronson 1947 801XX Men's Selvage Denim Heavy Red Ear Tannin Jeans
Referring to Levi's production in 46-47, the trousers will fit in straight cylinder after washing and desizing.Reproduce in detail the lengthened and reinforced thick lines of side strands, classic Hidden rivets, and the asymmetrical back pockets of the 1ST.The front...
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Bronson 1900'S Waist Band Men's Red Ear Stripe Straight Denim Jeans
This pants for the original old age style, 1900s period (WAIST BAND) of the waist belt is the main characteristics of large adjustment, in the waist cloth standard is the old symbol of the times, can use the strap can...
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Bronson 1879 One Piece Fly Men's Red Ear Wabash Stripe Denim Jeans
Following the 1873 patent was made after rivet Levis, other manufacturers tried to reinforce their overalls, the leather pad is a good way, generally using the first car to fix the car up pocket, strong leather pads and this pocket...
$199.99 $159.99
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