Bronson 10OZ HBT Cotton 1944 P44 USMC Utility Shorts


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A battle pants adopted by USMC in 1944, the two sides of the pocket are similar to the ARMY M42 version. The biggest feature of the P44 is that there is a large buttock bag. This is a rare setting. The original purpose is to collect the rain cape, and in fact often place ammunition and other items, because when crawling forward, it is convenient to take, the other front flap. A gas shield is also an advanced setting. In all respects, it is an excellent piece of wisdom and experience. Custom shaped fabric, 10 ounces, the color of the later OD7 (OLIVE DRAD SHADE 7), dark color, U.S. MARINE CORPS work button (copper), reengraved the first year stereoscopic sticker, trousers for middle and high waist tubular straight tube, loose army version cutting, custom army green pure cotton sewing.


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