US Navy Modified 13.5oz Indigo Selvage Deck Jeans


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  • These jeans are based on the USN Foul Wet Wheater Bid-Overall (work deck trousers for bad weather),Especially the zipper setting inside the sill. Also refer to the setting of the Royal Navy (Royal Navy) in the first year, such as the bag type and the treatment of the waist. Ultra-high waist setting, we want these trousers to look like bib overalls reconstructed. it has a very deep front rise, it is easy to wear the unique sensation of the working pants, this is clearly distinguishable from the common fits on the market. The leg opening is slightly closed, and can be adjusted again and tightened, plus the solid texture of the fabric, suitable for all seasons

    1. 13.5OZ Indigo
    2. Materials: 100% Cotton


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