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Bronson 1879 One Piece Fly Men's Red Ear Wabash Stripe Denim Jeans


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Following the 1873 patent was made after rivet Levis, other manufacturers tried to reinforce their overalls, the leather pad is a good way, generally using the first car to fix the car up pocket, strong leather pads and this pocket and walked into a leather pad line special beauty. (vegetable tanned goat leather) The integrated approach to prevent the front placket tear, 1877, old age patent Wide waist cut, to ignore the "Longmen wide" to make improvements, not a pile of cloth placket, buttocks with the service at the same time will not feel tight, has been to the state of the FIT. Not wash water, shrinkage at around 8%, after shrinking most people can handle The main standard for the old dog on the canvas, no edge, will loose mouth wash water, please note!! By their own studio master proficient single, non - pipeline products





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