1920s Drinking Team Pullover Racing Sweatshirt


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  • 1920-40s Motorcycle Club racer Jersey, this Two-tone hit color setting is the main color of the time, active in the old club riders. The predecessor appliqué is "Drinking Team", inspired by the "Hollister Riot" in 1947. It was originally a carnival Gypsy tour motorcycle rally, but under the influence of alcohol, the riders caused drag racing and fight. The person who caused the incident was identified as a member of the "BoozeFrighters" club. The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) subsequently declared that 99% of the members were good, and only 1% were bad, which in turn resulted in a generation of cults, after which The rebellious guys have advertised themselves as the 1%.

    1. 680G Towel Base
    2. Materials: 100% Cotton
    3. Color: Navy / Orange


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