Bronson 40'S Men's Unbleached Denim Red Ears Four Pocket Slevage Railroad Coveralls Jacket


In the 30-40 century, four bags of frock jackets were made of 14oz fabric, an old short shuttle loom, commonly known as "red ear cloth"". Classic asymmetric chest pocket, containing different gadgets, a bag left inside, below the two large bags. Tailoring is close to the first year, tailored fit, loose sleeve, small fresh slim version of the revision and serious market is not the same as the hard tooling and must be released from the space to this section, in order to be able to directly experience the edition, deliberately done washing water treatment, it is basically the final version get the type, there will be no longer has a problem. (due to the large machine wash, shrink less than 100%, washing machine after washing, the length of clothes will shrink about 1-2cm) Using the three pure cotton sewing needle is white rice noodles, a nine inch, smooth finish, buttons for exclusive custom removable brass buttons, reducing industrial era atmosphere.







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