Bronson Lot 925 14.5OZ Selvage Denim Wabash Bib Overalls

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1920-1930'S old-fashioned overalls, full back was not popular at that time. it is worn through a detachable strap.During the peak period of steam locomotive, many manufacturers have launched their own OVERALL, although the details are different, but the overall structure of the same, also reflects the characteristics of OVERALL in that period. Using 14,5oz WABASH red-eared tannin fabric, the quality of cotton is high, the traditional ring spinning, cotton yarn evenness, traditional ball warp dyeing, showing pure indigo, layered color. Pure cotton thread sewing, selected brass hardware, BRONSON exclusive I-button, simple and robust. High waist, loose straight tube cutting, can wear loose crotch feeling, slightly decadent sense of freedom is the ancient model.