1910S 12.5OZ LOT910 Unwash Selvage Jeans


1910'S old age WAIST-OVERALL, using 12oz red tannin cloth, indigo dyeing, more shallow than the common deep blue, special pearl yarn makes the cloth face a unique simple sense of the old age, the new development of the old age button, with the old atmosphere. The whole use of Japanese manufacturer, "county is" pure cotton sewing, will fade together with the cloth, color falling changes with a sense of layer, pocket cloth with high density twill cloth, but thick but strong and durable. The back wave and the head of the cross used the old time used by the flat car sewing method, the law of the waist to do the dark line anti roll technique, similar to the trousers, which also confirms the evolution of the garment sewing. Tailored for high waist width trousers and wide legs, it is suitable for ROLLING UP to roll up trouser legs, and has the unique style of tough pants in old age trousers.




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