We have entered the Chinese New Year holiday. Therefore, our logistics transportation will be suspended until February 1st. All orders will be processed and issued on February 2nd.To thank you for your patience, we will send you a gift for each order. In the new year, we will continue to provide you with quality products and services. Thank you for your attention.

Bronson Men's 1860 10oz Blue Wabash Selvage Farbic Denim Work Shirt


In the middle of the nineteenth Century fixture type, without a color, right under the lapel, low single patch is characterized by asymmetry, pocket setting, common in PULL OVER JUMPER (head of style), but this cardigan style more humane. The first year fits and cuts, and the shoulders are almost level with the sleeve, so that the arms can be waved without restraint. Washed water, there is no fit after the water does not fit The main standard for the old dog canvas, canvas code without standard edge processing, will loose mouth wash water, please note!!

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