We have entered the Chinese New Year holiday. Therefore, our logistics transportation will be suspended until February 1st. All orders will be processed and issued on February 2nd.To thank you for your patience, we will send you a gift for each order. In the new year, we will continue to provide you with quality products and services. Thank you for your attention.

Bronson Men's Selvage Denim 801XX Heavy Red Ear Tannin Jeans


801XX, using medium and high grade Pakistan cotton yarn, old style woven short ear red jeans, a strong sense of hairiness. It is made of Japanese shire cotton thread, matching with the dog's exclusive brass buckle and red copper nail. Completed by a proficient master, a non line product is tailored to the middle waist straight tube at the end of 40s. The finished fabric used this time, no raw material shrinkage is high, so it is larger than expected size, long, and long, direct finished product wash water, get the hand is the final size, will not shrink again.





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