USAAF The First Air Force Tanned Suede Leather Type A-1 Flight Bomber Jacket


  • The A-1 flying jacket is the predecessor of A-2, serving in 1927, are the ancestor of all flying jackets, army air force, and marines aviation has been common, but also the first use of threaded cuff military jacket, the thickness is a single layer jacket, mainly used in spring and autumn, the first year of A-1 mostly made of sheepskin, With the advent of A-2 in the 1930s, it was gradually replaced by the more practical A-2, but it was also used in small quantities during World War II and was not officially retired until 1944 years.

    1. 1.2MM Dyed Goatskin
    2. Materials: 100% Goatskin
    3. Lining: 100% Cotton
    4. Color: Light Brown / Dark Brown


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