Bronson Nevada Gold Rush Boss Of The Road Single Pocket Denim Jacket


The prototype from 1877-1890 (Levis BOSS OF during the rivet patent) THE ROAD single bag work jacket, bag and cuffs with special reinforcement line, then tit for tat Levis file rivet reinforced patent, lower in nineteenth Century is also the work characteristics of pocket jacket. (with 877 pants for 16 years as a set) Cutting is the focus, this paragraph for the first year, short paragraph fit, cut, shoulder oblique and sleeve body almost horizontal, re engraved the first year set, in order to facilitate waving arm, no sense of bondage. Not wash water, shrinkage at around 8%, after shrinking most people can handle The main standard for the old dog on the canvas, no edge, will loose mouth wash water, please note!!



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