Replica 1940S WWII USAAF Type C-2 Wool Zipper Cardigan Sweater


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  • During World War II, the C-2 was an inner-wearing sweater for the mid-temperature zone or the cold zone. It can be worn inside aeronautical flight jackets such as A-2, B-3, B-6, as well as wool shirts. Since there are other clothes such as wool shirts, the C-2 is not used in large quantities. The texture is not too thick, and the wear and tear are very high. The collections that can be preserved so far are rare and of high value. Replica 1940's C-2 sweater, this is a neglected item, its appearance is very low-key, early OD color is a yellowish olive green, and some even close to brown, zipper closure is its characteristics. You should know that in the military uniform that pays attention to efficiency, it is often to choose the pullover,but the C-2 is still arbitrarily using a zipper, the front has a pocket to place small objects, similar to the baseball sweater's knitted thread collar design, wearing an unexpected spirit.

    1. Materials: 70% Wool 30% Acrylic

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