Bronson Replica U.S.Navy USN N-1 Deck Pants


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The prototype was taken from the USN locomotive harness work pants of the 1940s. This is a workwear set in the harsh environment. It uses the same JUNGLE CROSS fabric as the DECK jacket. The inside is made of wool material (this is the same as the conventional N- 1 different), the previous version is the blue hook version and the blue zipper (the zipper is centered), the khaki chain version appears in the middle, and the later khaki button and the military green button version coexist. This product is combined with the details of the front, middle and late stages. The waist is made of the front HOOK hook. The placket adopts the medium-term zipper. The trousers retain the adjustment ribbon that appears in the middle and late stages. The overall is a loose straight cut.




There are no words in the back bags, but we can stamp them with movable characters and antique models, which are irregular and mottled. covered irregularly, mottled, washed more will gradually shallow or even disappear.An additional charge of $4.99 is required.



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