Bronson Replica WWII US Army HBT Herringbone M42 Fatigue Combat Trousers Pants


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World War II Army M-42 HBT combat trousers (also known as M-43 due to a large number of 43 years of distribution), replacing the previous M-41 herringbone trousers (1937 set), running through the Pacific Campaign, the Korean War Also used, it is characterized by the addition of two large pockets on the side, similar in shape to the USMC P-44 trousers, but no hip pockets. In fact, the USMC introduced the P-44 with reference to the Army trousers.

Since green is sulphide dyeing, secondary reduction reaction occurs with alkaline detergent or under exposure to sunlight, color spots, or chromatic aberration may occur. Therefore, it is recommended that neutral detergent should be dry and not exposed to the sun. Will slowly become shallower, which is normal

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