Bronson Unisex Bucket Hat Flat Top Outdoor Hats Fishing Hunting Cap


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It is convenient for daily travel. When you need it, you don't need to carry it on your hand. Fold it into your pocket. When you wear it, you can restore the hat shape by hand finishing without careful management. Compared with the elegant and high price of "elite retro" exquisite decoration, it should be the accent of "old" with ease and comfort. In addition to being able to be worn as a regular fisherman's hat, the sides of the hat can be folded back and folded, that is, the shape of the felt hat can be completed. This product does not wash water, cotton thread sewing, after washing will slightly shrink, if the feeling can be washed washing machine washing machine, cap circumference will slightly shrink about 1-1.5cm, at the same time also become a bit stiff. If it is just right, it is not recommended to wash the washing machine. You can use cold water bubbles and brush your teeth. After washing, the cap will wrinkle, and the iron can be used to iron the brim of the hat slightly, or the hand concave shape can also be used. The cowboy's hat is deeper, and the black herringbone and striped hat are moderately deep, so the effect will be slightly different. After washing machine, the mouth of the hat is loose, which is a normal phenomenon.



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