Bronson USN Navy 1920S Model Dungaree Jumper Deck Work Denim Overall Coat Jacket

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Selvage Denim
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In 1913, the military introduced the first generation of deck work clothes (which were required to be used only when necessary, and still wore a sailor's clothes in peacetime), jeans with pullovers (two sticker bags below the chest), and in 1917, no sticker bags appeared. Both coexisted. In 1918, a button-down jeans, or deck, appeared. Jacket, the three coexist, in 1922 with a full front cowboy shirt instead of the previous sleeve type. Re-engraved USN placket tannin deck jacket in the early 1920s, before making this jean jacket, spent time to study its background and evolution process, and strive to "shape and god" restore, fabric and workmanship is bone and blood, understanding and tailoring is the soul and soul, behind the body will know its beauty, movement and shape modification. Selvage Denim made of 9.5OZ tannin cloth, Hickory Stripe made of 10.5oz yarn-dyed striped fabric,classic reappearance of large round collar, and detachable brass sea spear buttons, FREE & EASY magazine almost every time a single item, has a high degree of collocation, recommended to start.











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