Bronson Wabash Railroad Workers Striped Denim Vest


20-40's railway stripe vest, denim fabric with WABASH positive (14oz did not wash, the weft yarn is blue), use the back of 8.5oz denim fabric do color processing, two kinds of fabrics are old short letter loom is completed, "red ear cloth". Set to watch unilateral pocket, left inside pocket, below the two small cable patch pockets and back Paris buckle can adjust the waist. Cut to fit, cut, not special edition, after shrinking most people can control basic, with a very high degree of a single product. The main standard by dog new set of canvas material, on the edge, after washing will not loose mouth, not the density of edge processing material will gradually transition from the main subject. The use of pure cotton, two sewing needle, the surface is white rice, the bottom line is blue, color and sense of simplicity are excellent.




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