Non Stock Reproduce Military USN Coast Guard 40'S Deck N-2 Parka

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The prototype combines 40's N-2 long cap deck suit with DECK 1st HOOK deck suit.The N-2 Deck Parka is basically a long N-1 Deck Jacket. All the same details that make the N-1 such an iconic design are present on the parka.

Thickened JUNGLE CROSS fabric is used on the surface. It is a special fabric of N-1 series. It has slight anti-splashing function. Customized lamb wool (polyester) is used in the interior. Although it lacks the effect of blended wool for the first year, it has the advantages of no hair loss, softer touch, good warmth retention, low price, machine washing and no need for your careful care. TALON zipper No. 5 is used to blend wool nitrile threaded cuffs.



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