1930s Duck Hunting Vest


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  • American outdoor workwear was booming in1930s, cheap and durable canvas has always been the first choice of outdoor manufacturers before the appearance of modern professional outdoor fabrics. Many outdoor brands have launched a large number of canvas products. Outdoor items in this period have simple and practical details, such as pocket for various carry-on items and prey storage bags on the back. They are tested by a variety of outdoor practices.
    Bronson's canvas hunting vest is also based on products in this period. The main part is made of yellow heavy canvas, the edges are covered with military green knitted fabric, match with the shoulder straps that can be adjusted in length, which can meet different outdoor needs.

    1. 13oz heavy canvas
    2. Adjustable shoulder straps
    3. Adjustable belt in the width
    4. Pockets for small objects
    5. Two large front pockets
    6. A prey storage bag on the back, stereo organ bag


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