About Us

Bronson was founded in 2012. Old-fashioned American fashion is our source of inspiration. This young country is not bound by traditional customs, unconstrained, rational, and innovative.

We focus on classic styles and are committed to manufacturing high-quality products that can still be worn decently even over time. This is what drives us to build a brand.

Our founding team is composed of experienced vintage clothing enthusiasts and apparel manufacturing industry experts. Because of the almost fanatical love of retro culture and clothing for many years, an amazing number of original versions of clothing have been collected, which has played an important role in the details and high quality of the products.

In order to successfully reproduce the classics and reduce the price as much as possible under the premise of high quality, not only need to source and customize high-quality raw materials from around the world but also need to cooperate with factories that produce excellent quality, which is difficult for a small team like us, However, the industrious and ingenious staff in the professional staff factory have given us a lot of help. They pay attention to the details of each process in production. We should praise their exquisite and high-quality works.

In addition to this, our team also managed to replicate the product using the same methods and machines in the past. In order to restore as much as possible, we are always researching and imitating all sewing and cutting methods, and reducing costs through optimization of production links.

We pay tribute to the past by copying and also create the future by innovation.

Company Name:Middle Bridge Ltd Company Address: 1010 Cambourne Business Park, Great Cambourne, Cambridge, CB22 6DP, United Kingdom


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