1947 Model HBT 838A 1st OD7 Fatigue Utility Pants


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  • 838A was Released in 1947, its color number is O.D. 7, It used HBT (herringbone) fabric that was widely used during world war II, with brown urea buckle, or 13 stars button, these version work pants is the OG - 107 prototypes, their design is exactly same except differences between fabric and color. At the same time, there is a work HBT long-sleeved jacket (shirt) and 838 pants to match with, this jacket is the prototype of the OG - 107 long-sleeved jacket.

    1. 10oz HBT fabric
    2. The size lab is printed in ink, mottled effect just the same as the original version of pants
    3. Only one button in the original version at the waist side adjustor, this produc has two buttons, It's easy to adjust your waistline
    4. There is a reinforcing patch on the reverse side of the pocket


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