US Army 1943 HBT Duck Hunter Camo Pants


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In early 1943, the US Army began using a two-piece (jacket and trousers) herringbone twill (HBT) camouflage uniform based on M1942 uniform.When Normandy landed, it was equipped with the Second Armored Division and the Army in the Pacific theater at the end of World War II.

USMC's two-piece camouflage suit is divided into two versions, P42 and P44. The US Army only has this one. Because of its limited concealment in the European theatre and the fact that there have been friendly casualties, USMC's two-piece camouflage suit quickly ceased to be used, but surplus inventory appeared in the Korean War and Vietnam War.

The shorts were modeled on 1943 Army duck hunting camouflage trousers, with loose tailoring and slightly increased hip circumference, giving a casual sense of looseness.After washing many times, the color will gradually become lighter.more earthy and natural.


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