1873 Early Rivet Reinforcement Selvedge Denim Pants


  • In 1873 Jacob Davis Lev1 Strauss funds to assist took the labor rivet reinforced pants patent, Lev1 Strauss&Co. to improve the development of the product is the originator of modern "five bags of jeans", which 1st reinforced labor pants, is the so-called 1873 Duck Canvas canvas overalls, use the double warp and single horse blanket weft canvas, true 1ST Copper Riveted Work-pants. The county is pure Japanese sewing thread, sewn on the waist pocket bag, bag and left after a single, tool bag, no pants ear, and waist overalls are link button, all early work pants style.

    1. 10.5OZ Selvage Canvas
    2. Materials: 100% Cotton

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