1873 Early Rivet Reinforcement Selvedge Denim Pants


In 1873 Jacob Davis Lev1 Strauss funds to assist, took the labor rivet reinforced pants patent, Lev1 Strauss&Co. to improve the development of the product, is the originator of modern "five bags of jeans", which 1st reinforced labor pants, is the so-called 1873 Duck Canvas canvas overalls, use the double warp and single horse blanket weft canvas, true 1ST Copper Riveted Work-pants. The whole county is pure Japanese sewing thread, waist and head are flat car, then restore the atmosphere, sewn on the waist pocket bag, bag and left after a single, tool bag, no pants ear, and waist overalls are link button, early work pants style. Tooling straight tubular type with loose trousers, waist set, completely different from the low waist pants feel Completed by skilled master single, non - pipeline products, suitable for ROLLING UP rolled up his pants with






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