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Bronson Men's USAAF The First Air Force Tanned Suede Leather Type A-1 Flight Bomber Jacket


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A-1 flying jacket is the predecessor of A-2, serving in 1927, is the ancestor of all flying jackets, land and naval aviation has been common, but also the first use of threaded cuff military jacket, thickness is a single layer jacket, mainly used in spring and autumn and summer, the first year of A-1 mostly made of sheepskin, the 1930s with the advent of A-2, gradually become more solid. It was replaced by A-2 (horsehide, cowhide), but it was also used in small quantities during World War II and was not officially retired until 44 years. Although not a great success, but the A-1 jacket is extremely vintage look favored by future generations, its arbitrary degree of collocation even more than A-2, and because it is also a rare model in the replica, the probability of collision is low, expensive.





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