U.S. Marine Corps HBT P44 OD7 Multi Bag Military Pants


In 1944, USMC used a ARMY M42 pocket combat pants, and herringbone version on both sides of the similar P44, the biggest feature is to have a large hip bag, this is a rare set, is placed hand grenades and other items, in order to crawl, you can easily access, also have the anti gas baffle front placket also, the advanced settings, from every point of view, this is a collection of wisdom and experience with one of the best works. Custom herringbone fabric, about 10 ounces, the color is later OD7 (OLIVE DRAD SHADE 7), color dark, U.S. MARINE CORPS I-button (copper), engraved in stereo type high waist pants pocket, tubular straight, loose military version of custom tailoring, army green cotton sewing The waist data is about half a code smaller than expected. Look at the data a size smaller, because the waist straight, the actual upper body does not obviously feeling small So it is suggested that lean people choose the usual size Fat people can choose a large size








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