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In the old days, wearing hats was a ritual and dust-proof tool, and the hat itself was a symbol of class. Gentlemen wore only towering hard hats at first. With the completion of the Second Industrial Revolution, the division of classes became blurred, and towering hard hats began to be replaced by derbies or jazz hats. Gentlemen usually had leisure time. Sports also like to wear the former workers and peasants before the felted hat style, the felted hat shape also affected the World War I Beret settings, dome, the body of the hat is flat, and the overall round newspaper cap is different. There are many common dome caps on the market, but to this flat felt hat almost no, it is worn like ahead on a big cake, can be worn, can be slightly skewed, the principle is not symmetrical on both sides is appropriate, can also pull up the front stack back, changeable shape. Cotton is a single color, not wool thick. The brim of a hat is soft and not hard eaves. The cap will shrink 1-2cm after washing, and it will be bigger in about a day, which is a reason with the original cow. If it is just right, it is not recommended to wash the washing machine. You can use cold water bubbles and brush your teeth.




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