U.S. Army Air Forces B9 Heavy-Duty Flight Down Parka


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  • In 1942 before the cold area air force service has been fur style, 42 years general Arnold decided to abolish the cumbersome and not the maintenance of leather equipment, using new material on July 22, 1943, officially released by Eddie Bauer, B-9, Reed, BenGreenHoltz three companies, mostly down version, there are filled with cotton, mainly distributed to high-altitude bombing the unit, used to correspond to cold weather, B-9 time allotted for only one year, followed by the N-3 series to replace it, is a famous model N3B predecessor simply. Cold jack, eiderdown factory filling professional (Bai Yarong), cashmere yield reached 350 grams, and fluffy degrees higher, the dress with full stereo, second-year production of B-9, as the first year of the white hat rope change pin set, more detailed, well completion. The big cap is covered with fur (natural pure wool), the color is dark brown, the cost is high, and the wind is first class after the winter.

    1. 11OZ Satin
    2. Materials: 100% Cotton
    3. Filler: White Duck Down 70% Down 30% Feather
    4. Fill Power 550-750 / Fill Weight 350G
    5. Lining: 100% Nylon


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