British Army 1943 KD&JG Model Gurkha Bermuda Combat Pants

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        • KD is the abbreviation of Khaki Drill. khaki shorts are the main battle suit of the British army in North Africa. The first generation is generally called 1941 PATTERN (or 1940). There are two adjusting belts at the waist. There are positions to increase the activity space front and back, making it more Loose and breathable. There is a small pocket on the left side for small objects. Around 1943, a tropical version of wool combat trousers was introduced with two pockets on the back. It can be said that is an upgraded version of 1941 Patten. KD color is widely used in the Mediterranean region, while JG (jungle green) is suitable for Myanmar and the Pacific region. These trousers are classic 1943 model.

          1. 12OZ Custom Fabric
          2. Materials: 100% cotton
          3. Color: Khaki / Green

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