1930s IVY Style Two-pleated Chino Trousers

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  • The two-pleated trousers that have been popular since the 1930s (or even earlier). The loose trousers brought by the pleats to ensure comfort. It was originally the pants worn by the upper class when they participated in dances or leisure sports.

    After the end of World War II, the rise of ivy style made khaki pants (some pleated pants, some did not), this kind of heat has been maintained until the 1990s, whether it is Kitano Takeshi or Wan Ziliang A pair of loose-fitting trousers create an aura. This kind of trousers may be suspected of being old-school, but if matched properly, it is not difficult to wear your own style.

    1. 310g (about 10.5oz) Carbon Brushed Khaki
    2. Color: Khaki / Yellow


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