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US Air Forces 1955 Vietnam War MA-1 Flying Flight Bomber Jacket


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  • During the Second World War, the US military had realized the significance of nylon jackets. However, nylon in wartime was new material and its output was not large and expensive, so it was not widely used. After World War II, the B-15 (to be exact, B-15B) series began to use nylon instead of cotton. The early post-war B-15 series still retained the B-10 shape fur collar, but pilots found Although the shearling collar is warm, it sometimes hinders the carrying and use of pilot parachutes (this is terrible). And after World War II, with the entry into the jet era, hard flying helmets that were completely different from leather flight hats during World War II began to be widely equipped with troops. The US Department of Defense canceled the setting of fur collars and switched to short threaded collars. The B-15 (MODIFIED) series is a revised hairless collar jacket. From the appearance to the details, it is the same as the original MA-1. In early 1955, the MA-1 was officially released with the specification SPEC: MIL-J-8279.

    The MA-1 uses a knitted collar. The collar made of wool can be snugly fit around the neck and will not prevent pilots from wearing helmets and umbrellas. The cuffs and the hem of the clothes are also closed by knitted fabrics. Because they are woven with elastic fibers, they are very elastic and durable. Knitted cuffs can be tightened on the wrist to prevent wind from flowing into the cuffs.

    The MA1 flight jacket is a medium-weight flight suit of the United States Air Force. It is suitable for use in wet and cold climates between 10 ° C and -10 ° C. The nylon fabric used is not the nylon fabric used in ordinary clothing. MA1 uses 66 flying nylon developed by DuPont of the United States. This is a material specially used in flight and aviation. It is denser than ordinary nylon. Under the sun, a luster like silk satin can be emitted. It also feels smooth. Due to its high density, it is windproof and waterproof. When raindrops fall on the surface of the clothes, it will not immediately penetrate but will form a small drop of water. This performance is a requirement for the development of modern jet technology. Because it is assumed that the pilot got rain before boarding the aircraft, he brought the rainwater into the cabin. When entering high-altitude high-speed flight, in a cabin without an environmental control system, water droplets will freeze on the pilot. This is one of the reasons why nylon jackets replace leather jackets.

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