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Bronson Motor Turtlezip Jersey Overweight Sweater


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1920-40s Motorcycle Club Racer Jersey, the Two-tone hit color setting, was the dominant hue of the time, and the old Harley Davidson riders were typical of this style. Formerly posted cloth letters for "RUGGED BRONSON", that is, the meaning of rough BRONSON, back cloth affixed to the letter "BRONSON MC.", that is, BRONSON motorcycle club. The letters are made of non-woven fabrics, the old version for typesetting beauty, shoulder width Wu bone style, ingredients for 650 grams of Terry Cotton Sweater, sweater (this is also the limit comparison shop USN solid training Hoody is 500 grams of weight of about), re encryption will be lost hand knitted elastic, dense Dunhou, shortness of breath feeling of existence!!





New color matching in 2019, white collar and white cuff matching


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