Bronson Replica World War II Men's Military Taxi Driver Model Tank Winter Combat Jacket


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The second-generation tank jackets equipped with armored units during World War II were replaced with more humanized slanting pockets, and other details changed less. They were loved by armored soldiers, and even other departments such as aviation and marines. Members also want to find ways to wear it. Robert De Niro uses this model in the film "TAXI DRIVER" with the KING KONG COMPANY sticker.

The version is close to the first modle, slightly increasing the length of the garment. Compared to the first generation jacket, the pleats of the back are closer to the sleeves, and the hem is not excessively raised, and the activity is not bound. Fabric with 12.5oz encryption gauze, thick and stiff, 60% wool blend inside, with vintage Talon brass zipper, tubular wool thread cuffs (70% wool 30% acrylic)






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