US Army WWII M-43 OD-7 Field Jacket

  • In WWII, the US military releases the M43 in order to solve the practical problems of the original M1941 field jacket nondurable and carrying goods. The M43 is made of cotton woven satin to resist the cold. The lapels can stand up to the wind and can be connected to an external hood. The body is equipped with four large pockets. These classic and practical designs have played a huge role in the later wars. The M43 was first tested in a small number of non-combatants in the Italian theater and was well received by the officers and men, which in turn allowed the Army Logistics Department to resolve to be completely renewed in the European theater. However, after the Normandy landing, the material movements of the United States and Europe were extremely busy. The US military in Western Europe was not fully replaced until the end of 1944. The M43 became the iconic costume of the US military in the middle and late World War II, the M43 is a very well designed combat suit, and it is also a reference for the subsequent field jackets. The M51/M65 field jackets are all based on this transformation.

    1. 11oz Satin Cotton
    2. Materials: 100% Cotton