U.S. Navy 1940s 3st Model Woolen N-1 Deck Jacket


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  • The N-1 jacket was released in the mid-1940s and consists of sets of jackets, trousers, and hats, all of use the same fabric. Dedicated to the use of sailors in warships, commonly known as deck jacket, and the surface uses a wear-resistant Cotton grosgrain with woven alpaca or wool inside. The first generation of the N-l was a blue version with no words on the front and US.NAVY on the back. It was quickly replaced by khaki green (early 1944), followed by the second generation N-l, eliminating the wool of the cuffs. The US.NAVY word of the back was canceled and changed to the front chest print USN. The last version was the third generation, and the gun belt of the arm was also canceled. The distribution was completed in the early 1960s. Replica US Naval 40S Deck N-1 Jacket, the third generation, to be exact, no wool in the cuffs, no guns under the arm, contract number NXSX 70201, is also the characteristics of the third generation.

    1. 12.5oz Jungle Cross
    2. Materials: 100% Cotton
    3. Lining: 75% Wool 25% Polyester
    4. Color: Khaki / Olive


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