Bronson USN J-WFS WEP G-8 Winter Flying Jacket


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US Navy and USMC launched the first nylon jacket in the mid-1950s, called J-WFS (Jacket, Winter Flying Suit) SPEC MIL-S-18342 & MIL-S-18342A, which was renamed "WEP" in the 1960s. Commonly known as G-8.
It is used to replace the bulky AL-1 before, is a navy flying jacket worn in cold regions. There are also T-WFS nylon trousers for use. Make sure the pilot is warm enough.

The initial MIL-S-18342A (AER) version (2st) maintains the military version of the looseness, the length of the length is longer than the military version, seamlessly woven thread, the filler is thin polyester, matching the thickness of the military version The surface layer is woven waterproof nylon plain weave, easy to care, strong anti-wrinkle, is a convenient jacket.


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