Non Stock Men's British Army Model Khaki Gurkha Bermuda Shorts

Non Stock

In 1814, Britain sent 30 thousand army troops to Nepal, and the arrogant British officers thought they could destroy the 12 thousand Nepal Gorkha soldiers, which were mainly composed of mountain people, by virtue of their fine equipment. On the contrary, the British army won two years' bloody victory. This war is a lesson for the British, and they are impressed by the fighting capacity of the Gorkha soldiers. After peace, Britain signed a treaty with Nepal and enjoyed the privilege of recruiting Gorkha soldiers. This tradition has continued to this day. It is called GURKHA PANTS or GURKHA SHORTS. It was mainly used by the British soldiers hired by the British soldiers in the 40-50 century of twentieth Century. Because of its special status, the appellation of this kind of trousers has been retained. In fact, the military trousers with the belt adjustment function began to appear after the Second World War. The front waistband has double fold, and the adjustment loop of the left and right sides is large. It can adapt to the change of the waist circumference caused by the weight floating 10 jin. Only one pull of the two hands is needed, and the trousers hang on the waist steadily, completely replacing the outer belt. This is not a set of other pants, even in the fashion industry, its high waist setting looks like a medieval aristocrat, of course, the evaluation of this design has a different voice, but it is undeniable that it is still unwarm.





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