Non Stock Men's Vietnam War 25th Infantry Division US Army OG-107 Utility Fatigue Shirt

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The shirt, named OG-107 UTILITY FATIGUE SHIRT, is a rare 1963-1964 second-generation version featuring angular cuts on both sides of the pocket lid, loose cuffs, shirt-style plackets, and a right-angled hem. In fact, the emergence of TCU (Tropical Combat Uniform) in 1962 gradually replaced OG-107 as the dominant Vietnam combat uniform, and in addition to Southeast Asia, most of the OG-107 shirts were used as standard uniforms. The classic feature of this shirt is that the white name strip on the chest matches the black letter US ARMY, and the armchair or army badge on the arm makes it look elegant. It's also John Lennon's favorite style and has always been popular in the antique market.





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