Vietnam War 5st 1969 Model Rip Stop TCU Tropical Combat Uniform Jacket

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  • The prototype was taken from 1969 5st TCU (Tropical Combat Suit) The shoulder side and adjustable waistband were canceled. The fabric was made of scratch-proof cloth introduced in 1968. Both primary colors and texture are close to the texture of the first year. Buttons inherit the "hidden button" and close at the bottom of the bag cover. The cuff is a 1969 simplified adjustable version with a horizontal bar across the back. This is the final version of TCU evolution, and then into the era of BDU. 5st TCU trousers are close-fitting,So it's not like the cold zone’s M51 trousers. Not so fat. The whole is fitted straight style, so it is easy to control, will not show excessive exaggeration. Easy to wear with shirts, knitted shirts, jackets, and even formal suits

    1. 8.5oz Anti-Scratch Cloth
    2. Materials: 100% Cotton


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