WWII Pattern USMC Type P-42 Duck Hunter Camouflage Jacket


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    • Duck hunter camouflage design from the outdoor clothing designer of the United States, and for the first time used for military in 1942. It was first used as a soldier's jumpsuit by the U.S. Army, but was later found to be impractical, and similar to the German army's camouflage uniforms, there were incidents of accidental wounding of colleagues, so the amount of distribution was not large, and it was usually worn by special units such as mechanics or snipers.
      In 1942, the USMC also produced a split style suit made of the same herringbone-print camouflage fabric, contains a jacket and a pair of pants, The color of its front is the yellow-green of spring and summer, and the reverse is the brown of the dead leaves of autumn and winter, Its appearance is very similar to that of the USMC Type P-41 jacket, except that because it needs to be worn on both sides, the two symmetrical pockets on the jacket were changed to one on the front and one on the back, so that there are pockets on both sides.
      This version, commonly known as the Type P-42, also featured a button-down lapel, which was more convenient than the Army button-up, It was a very human design at the time.

      1. 10 oz HBT herringbone fabric
      2. YKK Buttons, Black copper-colored snap fastener
      3. Both sides can be worn
      4. Color: Duck hunter camouflage color


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